Since its inception in 1977, US Construction has excelled in commercial construction, initially specializing in corporate office buildouts and then later adding the hospitality sector to our portfolio of commercial construction, where we specialize in creating exceptional restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. Through these endeavors, we've
had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse clientele, ranging from Michelin-starred chefs like Thomas Keller to America’s only private island resort, and everything else in between.


Rafael Reyes

Not unlike many in our industry, Rafael started out in the field and worked his way into becoming a construction executive. From a young age and throughout college, Rafael worked for his father's construction company, kindling his passion for building. In 2004, Rafael assumed the title of President, becoming an entrepreneur charged with spearheading a traditional construction company into the modern era. Since then, his leadership not only sets high standards for US, but also inspires and empowers others within the organization.


Eddie Arvesu

Eddie is a State of Florida Licensed General Contractor and Building Inspector who has more than 30 years of experience in construction. After spending many years with the Miami Dade Building Department, Eddie made the move over to General Contracting, where he has led teams in building high-end luxury commercial and residential projects. He assumes a key role position in our organization, steering the intricate preplanning and management processes of all projects with unparalleled expertise. Eddie’s vast expertise serves as a deep knowledge base for all team members in solving complex building challenges.

Business Development Manager

Sophia Reyes

After graduating from Tulane's Freeman School of Business with a dual degree in Management and Marketing, Sophia began her management career at Hillstone Restaurant Group before joining INHOUSE Commercial. With a robust operational background and valuable sales expertise, she played a pivotal role at INHOUSE Commercial, significantly contributing to the company's rapid expansion. In 2023, Sophia joined U.S Construction, driven by her passion for sales and her desire to contribute to the company's growth and success.

Team US